Physical Exam

Physical Exam Specialist

A physical exam is a great way to connect with your provider and an important step in preventive health care. Even if you and your family members don’t need physical exams for job or school reasons, have internist Dr. Hansa Bhakti Medley perform a complete physical exam or checkup at her Houston, Texas area practice to make sure you’re in good health.

Physical Exam Q & A

Do I need a physical exam if I am in good health?

Many doctors recommend an annual physical exam to ensure you’re in good health, and to detect any early warning signs of health conditions before they become serious. Dr. Medley can give you a complete physical and recommend preventive measures you should take to make sure that you stay healthy. Despite knowing you’re in good health, there are parts of your body that you can’t monitor. Only a doctor or licensed medical professional can order blood tests, do cholesterol screenings, review images from mammograms, and look at how your body is working internally. Dr. Medley will also review your medical history with you, and recommend any lifestyle changes or preventive measures that could help improve your overall health.

What should I expect at an annual physical exam?

Some things Dr. Medley looks at are typical for a complete physical, such as listening to your heart and lungs, checking your reflexes, and inspecting your body for abnormalities, such as skin irregularities. Depending on factors like your age and medical history, she might recommend several tests to ensure you’re in good health.

What kind of blood tests does Dr. Medley give?

The specific blood tests she’ll give you depend on several factors like results from a previous physical exam and your medical history, but could include blood sugar, cholesterol, kidney, and liver function tests. Just a couple of things that Dr. Medley may want to look at are white blood cell count to see how well your immune system is working, or red blood cell count to measure the rate that oxygen travels from your lungs through your body.

Will Dr. Medley share my test results with another doctor I’m seeing?

With your written permission, your medical records can be sent to another doctor to coordinate care efforts. Ask which forms you need to sign to authorize your medical records to be transferred or shared with another doctor.